Body Brushing is an incredible self-care routine technique that has been around for ages, literally!

From ancient Egyptians exfoliating with natural proteins like milk and wine for brighter and softer skin, to India’s Ayurveda Holistic health care system dating back to 5,000 years ago. Traditional Chinese dry brushing consisted of ground fruit known as the famous Loofah. Ancient Greeks and Romans used Strigils with olive oil to remove dirt before they bathe. Cleopatra also known as the Queen of beauty used dry brushing as one of her most important skin care regimens.

Although exfoliating with wine and fruit every evening sounds fun, there is a more time efficient way to tone, brighten and detoxify your body. Body Brushing!  

Dry body Brushing was popularized 30 Years ago by Finnish Nutritionist and naturopathic physician Dr. Paavo Airola. He stressed its function to increase digestion and support and revitalize our organ systems. For Exfoliation he incorporated things like sand, sticks and other raw materials with his patients.

There is a reason that this ritual has been around for so many centuries. There are just so many benefits!

Body brushing is invaluable in helping with so many issues, but mostly to detoxify the body.

My personal favorite is the benefits that Dry brushing can have on our lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage is so important as it helps to eliminate your body’s toxin waste. Our body does this naturally, However, because of the food we eat, the environment around us, the amount of exercise or movement we get throughout the day and our age, our lymphatic system may need some extra help to drain. This is where dry brushing comes into play.

Dry Brushing Tip:

Just a few minutes a day before your shower sweep the brush in an upward motion always moving towards your heart. .Its good to start from the feet and ancles and work your way up. The two areas I like to pay extra attention too is inner thighs and armpits as this is where the lymph nodes cluster. Sweeping the brush lightly towards the inner thighs repeat this step 5 times on each side. For your arms, you want to sweep the Dry brush towards your arm pits, this was my problem area and within just a few times of doing this, I noticed a huge difference.

Body brushing sweeps away dead skin cells and helps to exfoliate dry skin and unclog pores. It also helps to increase blood circulation bringing essential nutrients to the skin’s cells leaving you feeling invigorated and fresh. I highly suggest using this in the morning as it really helps to wake up your body.  

You can use a dry body brush on its own or use some conditioning body oil on the bristles for before use.

Firmer pressure can be used around the feet, knees and elbows. However, harsh exfoliation is never the point, you want to make sure that you are gentle on the skin. You want to be especially gentle around the neck and chest area. Brush for at least 3-5 minutes once to twice a week.

What kind of brush is best?

Its super easy to drive to your local store and pick up a drybrush, however, we like Organic, vegan products. Our aim is to promote a lifestyle that is kind to our bodies and the environment. So after much searching we discovered Celluvac’s natural, environmental-friendly sisal Hair Dry brush, that means its a vegan and organic!

We also recommend using a conditioning body oil on the brush itself or after your bath or shower for extra benefits.

How to care for your brush:

1.) Wash the bristles with a gentle shampoo every 2 weeks and allow it to dry.

2.) If using an oil while brushing, wash after each use.

3.) Store your brush in a place that it can air dry.

Have you had any success with body brushing? If so, feel free to share with us your experience and results.

Yours Truly,